How To Improve Your Relationships With The Law Of Attraction

This is a really important topic for me since I have been blessed to have found my soul mate over 20 years ago. I met my wife Sally when she was 16 and I was 18 and we have been together since and celebrate 17 years of marriage this November. As anyone will tell you that has been in a long term relationship it will have its up and downs, but with work it can be the most rewarding experience of your life. Well it has been for me.

We all want great relationships in our life. Everyone wants a sizzling romance, great friends and a close family. However, relationships can be hard sometimes. Relationships can be challenging. Sometimes it seems like you do everything possible in a relationship, only to have it fail. It can be so frustrating watching how some people seem to have it easy with relationships while your own relationships are so much harder.

The people that have easy relationships are most likely using the law of attraction. Some of them may not even call it this, but they are probably using many of the principles of this law. the law of attraction can very easily improve your relationships.

Now there are some things that the law of attraction simply will not do for your relationships. It will not make someone have a relationship with you if they dont want to. the law of attraction is not like some sort of love spell that you can use to magically attract anyone that you desire. The Law of Attraction will easily and effortlessly attract and improve the relationships you are meant to have.

There is an important word to keep in mind when it comes to the law of attraction and relationships: trust. Trusting that you are having the right relationships. Trusting that the right relationships will come to you. Trusting that your relationships will work out. If you have a challenging situation with a relationship and you turn to the Law of Attraction, it is key to add a little trust. Just as with your relationships trust is essential, in using the Law of Attraction trust is also essential.

One of the easiest ways to improve your relationships with people is to remember that like attracts like. So what you are sending out into the relationship is coming back to you. That makes any relationship you have like a mirror, sending its reflection to face you. Do you like what you are seeing? If you dont, then maybe it is time to fix this relationship! Spend some quiet time in reflection thinking of how you could fix this relationship. Think about what you would like this person to give you and it is funny because that may be exactly what the other person is hoping you will give them! Remember that relationships are mirrors and that what we see is often our own reflection in someone else.

Every relationship you have right now is teaching you something. This is especially important with those frustrating and hard relationships. Put yourself in a quiet place and think to yourself what have you come to teach me? Perhaps they have taught you about patience by being impatient or about acceptance by being critical. Thank them for this lesson. Often as you learn this lesson, your relationship may change, soften or even let go in some way. The emotions in your relationship will change as you have discovered you have learned the lessons.

A great way to improve your relationships using the Law of Attraction is to express gratitude. This is for every kind of relationship: romantic, friendship, personal, professional and any other type of relationship. Simply saying thank you for this person doing something can often mean a lot. How many times have you done something for someone and they havent bothered to thank you? Be the first one to express gratitude, and go the extra mile and express gratitude for this person in some unique way. Give flowers or baked goods, something personal and just for them. Often you dont have to spend a lot of money to say thank you for being you you just have to do something that will touch someones heart.

The Law of Attraction can always improve your relationships. Make your relationships easier with the Law of Attraction!

Do Operators Run The Stock Market

There is a general belief among most investors that markets are controlled by operators and it is no place for small investors. It is believed that the operators enriched themselves at the cost of small investors. Two scams of 1992 and 2002 had certain operators at the center of the storm. There were other star players in the market also in the past that had a big role to play in the market movements. Let us examine the validity of the statement that Stock Markets are run by operators.

An operator is a person who is supposed to drive the market price of a particular share that is he decides what should be the pricing of the share and whether it should go up or down. It is also believed that operators in association with the management of the company first acquire certain stocks in the market and subsequently through rumors and such other communication mechanism create a mass interest in the share. Subsequently once the general public starts believing in the companys prosperity the operators sells the shares and makes handsome profits. Some operators also use circuit mechanism of stock exchanges to hike the price. The circuit mechanism allows the operator to put an order at a price which is 3 to 8% above the previous days closing. Once the share hits upper circuit there are very few sellers in the market since they believe that if the share has hit upper circuit it is likely to go up further. This is the modus operandi of an operator. For an operator to be successful some factors are very
important. Such as connivance with the management, low capital base of the company so that manipulation can be done with very little capital and a mass following.

Is manipulation possible in high volume shares? Let us now look at the trading statistics reported by stock exchanges (data of a particular date). Top 30 scripts i.e. 10 in each group, account for 41% of turnover in NSE and 37% of the turnover in BSE. Both the Exchanges put together this translates in to a value of about 4100 crores on a daily basis. As per the market share reported of brokers by NSE (NSE Bulletin) top 10 trading members account for just 24% of the market share i.e. on an average each broker would have about 2.4% of the market across all company shares traded by the company. Hence, the dominance that a single broker can have on the volumes in the market is minimal in highly traded scrips.

Then we move to low value high volume traded scrips. As per the data is provided by newspapers separately on Quotations page, the aggregate value of shares traded in this category on a particular date was studied. The turnover for BSE in such scrips was Rs.34,03,470 i.e. .01% of total turnover and for NSE is Rs.20,28,050 i.e. 0.003% and in terms of number of shares traded it is 1.5 % in case of BSE and in case of NSE 0.45%. This is one area where low funds can help to move the prices and give a false sense of liquidity. Hence investors are advised to refrain from investing in scrip just because it is low value; the merit of the share should be looked into before making the investments.

The Stock exchanges have a system of guiding the investors on stock selection by way of classifying the companies into various groups. A group stocks are highly liquid and good performing companies. B1 group are again good performing companies with lesser liquidity then A group stocks. B2 are stocks that have low capital bases and less liquid. Companies that do not adhere to Listing agreement are categorized as Z group. These companies do not attend to investor complaints and fail to file various investor related information with the stock exchange such as quarterly working, book closure dates etc. Shares which have concentrated activity and unusual price movements are categorized in T 2 T or trade for trade settlement, ie every sale and purchase must result in delivery and positions cannot be squared off during the day. This classification should be kept in mind while selecting a company for investment. Stock exchanges also verify the news items appearing in leading

newspapers and get companies to clarify on rumours. This information is also of vital importance since operators and company managements at times plant false stories in newspaper to mislead the public.

Special laws have been put in place to act as deterrent to such manipulation. The Insider Trading Regulations and Fraudulent and Unfair Trade Practices regulations are the tools available to SEBI to taken action against those manipulating the markets. The punishment is maximum penalty of Rs. 25 crores and imprisonment. Both these laws have been enacted in early 2000. Hence their effectiveness will be proved only with efflux of time. Till the enactment of these laws the prosecution of persons indulging in market manipulation had to be tried under the general legal system, the delays in the same are not unknown to us.

We always blame the regulators, brokers and exchanges if scams happen in markets. However the menace of operators will go only if we stop following their leads in the market. Tips given by operators are widely followed, and so long as you make money on these tips we do not blame anyone. However once the operator weakens then there is fall in prices and the blame game starts. Operators are creations of society and the greed inherent in all of us. Easy money by riding the operators tips is a strong attraction. Scams bring down the prices of not only the shares which were manipulated by the operators but also all other fundamentally good shares also held by us. Mass following that the operators thrives on would be absent if we refrain from buying those shares that are remotely associated with any operator. Reporting wrongful activities of company managements, dabba traders and other market participants will help the regulator in directing their efforts on the wrong doers. Remember, being a spectator to a wrongdoing and not reporting the same is as bad as committing the crime.

Learn Why Workers Should Think About Hiring An Employment Lawyer

There are many individuals who have wrongly lost their work. Some employees even complain concerning an unhealthy working place with discrimination and harassment everywhere. Lawful actions must be taken by workers if they are aware that their rights were disregarded. You don’t have to back down since it is easy to win the fight if an experienced nyc employment attorney is there to give assistance and counsel.

Each employee is protected by the employment law, which is also known as labor law. this isn’t a one-sided law as the rights of the employers are also protected. There are legal requirements and recommendations comprising employment law. A person who experienced abuse and unjust treatment at work have better chances of obtaining justice by seeking the help of an experienced lawyer. Due to their knowledge of employment laws, New York employment attorneys can help employees in building a strong case.

When dealing with legal matters, employing a lawyer is important. These lawyers can help clients in overcoming employment-related problems like workplace discrimination, unjust dismissal, and the likes. Companies are mindful that they’re at risks for legal issues that is why they also hire a team of legal experts that could assist them sort out any problem with the law.

Additionally, the employment lawyer NYC will make sure that their client will come prepared in front of the court. You can set up a good fight against your last employer, regardless of how powerful and big they may be by having the best legal professional with you.

There’s a number of employment attorneys NYC that have helped a lot of people over the years. With their experience, they are fully aware regarding the newest updates in the employment laws. With them, you could still have the opportunity of keeping your job, and paid out justly if your company is treating your unfairly. Almost all NYC employment lawyer will hear out your story first, and the legal issues you are experiencing. They will analyse the fact in order to determine if the case has any merit.

Through the help of NYC employment attorneys, a plaintiff can assure that he’s getting proper legal representation. In case you are engage in a court trial, rest assured your lawyer will handle everything with confidence.

One benefit of obtaining the services of new york employment attorney is that they can guarantee you that you will acquire just payment from the damages that the other party have caused you. With this well-informed and expert employment lawyer working with you, rest assured that you and your loved ones will never be suffering from the troubles brought on by your employer or co-worker. People who don’t have a background on the legal system will surely find this matter confusing. So if you want the very best chance at winning your case, don’t hesitate to hire a professional and experienced employment lawyer.

The Power of Positive Thinking And Th Law Of Attraction

The Power of Positive Thinking was mthng I hd experienced n m life mn years bfr I hd heard but th Secret r th Law f Attraction.

Since th release f th film “The Secret,” millions f people ll vr th world r nw experiencing hw th Power f Positive Thinking nd th law f Attraction wll create miracles fr u f u n grasp th concept nd apply t nt ur life n daily basis.

If u r unhappy wth ur life t rght now, thn change t rght now! The Law f Attraction teaches u tht w create ur wn lives thrugh ur thoughts.

“All tht w r direct result f wht w hv thought.” Buddha (563 BCE-483 BCE)

If u wake u n th morning feeling dwn nd negative but ur life thn b th Law f Attraction u r gng t attract mr thng t b negative about. But f u n ut switch ur thoughts nt mr positive thoughts b th Law f attraction, u mut attract mr positive thng nt ur life. The good news tht thrugh positive thinking nd th Law f Attraction u n change ur life n n instant! How powerful that!If u r unhappy wth ur life u n change t rght now!Here r couple f thng I u tht work fr me.

Focus n wht u have, nt n wht u don’t have. Th wll send ut positive vibrations nt th universe tht wll bring u mr thng t feel good about, f u focus on wht u don’t hv t u uld subconsciously b sending ut negative vibrations.

Be grateful everyday whn u wake up. Yu hv ut bn gvn nthr opportunity t live th life u want.

Legal Offshoring India’s Pie!

In this highly competitive global market every corporation requires to work on minimal margins and they required adopting cost cutting measures and that is where outsourcing became imperative.

Legal Process Outsourcing (LPO) is the third big Leap of outsourcing industry in India, after Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) & Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). LPO is an activity or practice to get legal support services from legal services firms or corporations.

In the beginning, LPO covered mostly low-end transcription work (Data management, Word Processing, Litigation support, Book-keeping and reconciliations etc.) but now LPO also includes a huge range of high end legal processes such as patent application drafting, legal research, pre-litigation documentation, advising clients, writing software licensing agreements and drafting distribution agreements.

The total market size of Global LPO business is around USD 250 billion. And out of this US alone captures two third of LPO business. The growing cost of Legal services in USA leads it to outsource or offshore the legal activity. It was very necessary for US law firms to obtain the Legal support services from outside to either save their business by cost cutting or for profit making.

There are a lot of examples of US law firms that were running their business successfully & were well known in their field but due to increasing cost in legal services they could not survive. And these failure firms proved to be a good learning example for rest of the firms or corporations and it became imperative for US law firms to outsource the legal support services.

India had already proved its reliability with its IT BPO & KPO services, so it emerged as a favorable destination for LPO business. The first legal outsourcing to India started back in 1995, when Bickel & Brewer the Dallas based litigation firm, with 34 lawyers opened an office in Hyderabad.

The next thing that gave an impetus to the industry was when General Electric, in 2001, added a legal division to their currently existing base of operations in India. This legal cell was specifically started to handle legal compliance and research for GE plastics and GE consumer finance (Divisions of GE capital). Thereafter, the industry witnessed a steady upswing in demand for outsourced legal services from India. And then the foreign players started coming in India.

This gave an opportunity to the Indian lawyers & students wanting to go abroad or want to earn hefty amount get good opportunity to work with legal outsourcing firms.

In India most of the Legal Process Outsourcing business revolves around three major activities.

Legal transcription and drafting services: Law firms have extensive documentation requirements, which normally get outsourced to India. This involves data entry or activities like sending correspondence, document management and indexing, drafting memos etc. This is the entry level, low value high volume task. Owing to low risks, this sometimes tops the priority lists for firms starting outsourcing.

Patent prosecution assistance: This is the hottest area in Legal Processes Outsourcing. It involves assistance in filing patent applications, infringement studies, IP asset management services, prior art searches etc.

Legal research: It involves performing legislative history research, jurisdiction studies and other typical case study researches that are common with the legal profession. When dea ing with corporate activities, like mergers and acquisitions legal due diligence of the potential targets or acquirers and their accompanying legal issues becomes imperative. This involves extensive data research etc and hence a lucrative outsourcing task.