Legal Uses For Your Marijuana Seeds

Its no secret that many countries ban the sale of cannabis. Its slightly less known that in many of these countries the actual cannabis seeds are legally allowed to be bought and sold. We whole-heartedly support these measures and only recommend our cannabis seeds are used for novelty purposes, as you can imagine but often we get asked exactly what people should use them for. Well, heres what we do with our spare cannabis seeds hopefully itll inspire you!

1. One for the Mantle Piece

Impress your friends with your fine collection of rare cannabis seeds by putting them on display. I personally have a collection of 127 marijuana seeds, each one lovingly laid out on its own plush red cushion in a glass display case. Not only do they show you to be the expert collector you are, but they make great conversation starters.

2. An Expensive Form of Birdseed

If youre in a country where the purchasing of cannabis seeds is legal, then theres no reason not to feed them to your birds. Hemp is a common component of seed mixes for birds, and many report that our feathered friends will eat the cannabis seeds first. Its no surprise when you consider how full of nutrients the humble marijuana seed is each one is packed with magnesium-rich chlorophyll and protein, making it a nutritious and easy to digest treat. In 1937 when the bird seed companies testified before congress regarding the legalities of marijuana seeds, they are reported to have stated that canaries wont sing without it.

3. Make Your Own Rainstick

A rainstick is a long hollow tube filled with beads of beans. When the stick is held up, all the filling fall down, and creates a sound like heavy rain falling. If you have enough cannabis seeds lying around, why not try your hand at constructing your own? Wholesome fun which is resolutely not illegal!

4. Make a Rattle for an Infant

If that doesnt work (which it wont), consider scaling down your aims and constructing a rattle. Simply drop a handful of cannabis seeds into an empty matchbox, securely fasten it shut and attach a pencil for a rattle on a budget.

5. Bring the Spirit of Summer with Miniature Boulles

Missing boulles on the lawn and the spirit of summer? Why not recreate the fun of boulles with your cannabis seeds. Paint each seed the colour you want, and then recreate the skilled sport of the elderly in your own living room.

6. Thrifty Christmas Presents

Economically speaking, times are hard and getting the money together for Christmas presents can be tricky. Although not the cheapest seeds, a bag of marijuana will still provide one seed each for all your family and friends and when they see all of the novel, fun and, best of all, legal things they can do with their gift, theyre sure to offer you their sincere and whole-hearted thanks.

7. Leave a Trail to Find your Way Around

Hansel and Gretel had the right idea they left a trail of breadcrumbs in the woods to find their way out. Of course it backfires on them when the breadcrumbs are eaten – which is why using cannabis seeds to find your way works best indoors. You should also make sure only to use them on white surfaces so they really show up clearly. Still, if youre ever lost in a white floored palace, then you could use your cannabis seeds for navigation I suppose.

8. Make Some Fine Cannabis Seed Art

Many of those who claim cannabis should be grown illegally point to the fine art that has been created by those using the high of the finished drug. But kids, you dont need to be high to make great art try using the seeds themselves! You can paint the seeds and make them into a mosaic or a mural!

9. Make Yourself a Comfy Beanbag

Beanbags typically have thousands of polystyrene balls inside, but why not put your cannabis seeds to good use and fill a beanbag with them? Sure, it will cost a few thousand pounds more than buying polystyrene balls, but a beanbag full of cannabis seeds (probably) feels a lot more comfortable and youll have the satisfaction of knowing yours is indefinably better.

10. Guess the Number of Marijuana Seeds in the Jar

A great way of recouping some of your losses on the marijuana seed beanbag is to put your remaining seeds in a jar, and have a competition amongst your friends over who can guess the correct number. If you put the price to play high enough, you could even make a profit on your comfy, comfy beanbag.

So use your cannabis seeds for any of these purposes, but make sure you dont grow them under any circumstances! It can only end in tears.

OC Legal Referral Agencies

Do you think you’re a resident of California trying to find a competent family law lawyer to handle your case in the divorce, infant custody, and alimony or property separation case? Simply visit oc California bar association lawyer referral service. Aside from personally interviewing a quantity of lawyers, referral services work most effectively supply of professional and experienced family law lawyers in Orange County./p>

Because oc comes second one of the most populous counties in California, you can be positive to get one of many many family law attorneys which will match your legal needs and have a mutual solution. It is essential is usually to examine legal counsel referral service with a reputation. While many services will just help you find an attorney, others will assure you find legal counsel who matches your case.

Fortunately, there are several referral services in Orange County that happen to be reliable. These include

1. 1. Online referral services

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Each one of these referral services differ in cost, how much information given about lawyers, number of lawyers, lawyer qualification to go in the service, etc. if you’re finding it difficult to acquire a good lawyer from these sources, there are a myriad other referral services that is to be of proper help. A good example may be the Legal Aid Society of Oc which supplies services to low income earners and elderly people.

Advantages of choosing an attorney referral service in Oc

Many individuals facing emotional life events inside their families prefer using referral services to get good family law lawyers to operate on their cases due to advantages the service offers. Many of the advantages are

– Offer a way to utilize a family law lawyer who may have been pre-screened for their expertise and experience

– There exists a plethora of trained and multilingual attorneys who provide a listening ear anytime to chat

– Be assured that the lawyer includes a malpractice insurance

– Be able to think about reviews in regards to a lawyer’s performance along with what former clients say

– You can be positive that whichever lawyer you decide on has a good standing together with the California state bar in addition to American bar association

– The speed of initial consultation is generally reduced in referral services, some are even offered free of charge

– Obtain a second, third and even fourth opinion about your case

Browsing a referral service saves time. For instance, you just mention your case once.

– High amount of confidentiality particularly if include the kind that does not want people to know what is going on with you and the family

Cases which entail the family like a unit usually cause you to go through trying and emotional moments. When the case is not handled well, it could lead stress, depression or even suicide. The achievements of the case starts from your initial steps of choosing a family law lawyer. There isn’t any better method to make the best decision about which family lawyer to work with other than a lawyer referral service in Orange County.

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Significance Of Hiring Employmentlawyers

Everybody is struggling to establish their career as the economy is going through some crises. For you to have a good job, you must double the effort that you usually do since employment competition is on the higher level now. Nevertheless, the economy isn’t always stable, and when recession sets in, businesses will be pushed to lay off a few employees. In lots of cities like New York, business abuses are undeniably present. As a matter of fact, a few workplaces are discriminating the jobless.

In the present times, individuals are not hired due to some reasons. Cronyism is just one of these reasons. Only those people who have connections are the ones who can simply get the job. As it is, it is harder for most New Yorkers to search for a job than to find a property. This is because the present unemployment rating is on the rise. It has also become harder for people to secure their current jobs.

Navigating the modern workplace is extremely tough that is why you need the help of NYC employment lawyer. When it comes to employment and civil litigation matters, they are the ones who can help employees from large and small companies. Usually, their services aren’t just limited to the local community because they give it internationally also. Employees’ race, age, sex, disability and religion discrimination is not new to them. Businesses will offer people a chance instead of stereotyping others through their assistance.

Whether your case involves harassment, gender equality issues, sexual harassment, breach of contract, executive compensation, or problems within partnerships, the employment lawyers can surely assist you. Counseling and advice for financial institutions and also other companies in different states, assistance concerning new business initiatives, acquisitions, joint ventures and the likes, drafting and revising employee handbooks, as well as other employment-related documents are also offered by the employmentattorney. What they do is to maintain a sense of fairness and equality among all employees. They prevent businesses from abusing their authority to merely undermine the rights of their employees. Through them, every staff would be treated with utmost professionalism. Keep in mind that laws are implemented so that both parties can benefit.

Other than the above mentioned services, employment lawyers are also helping out companies and businesses in keeping a strong connection to their employees. Several companies give their employees “value exchange. It turns the workplace into an enjoyable and engaging environment for workers to do better in their work. This is to turn the workplace into a different environment. Apart from providing employees a sense of freedom, this will also help them to become productive as they are very pleased with what they’re doing.
When it comes to legal issues regarding your business and job, it is best to have the help of the employmentattorney. They know how discrimination revolves around a certain workplace for both social and professional classes. Additionally, they can be of service to financially incapacitated small businesses that are bombarded with legal issues. With the aid of their expertise, skills and experience in civil legal actions, you can be sure that you’re in the safe zone. To discuss things up regarding your legal issues, you can personally visit their office.

What Can You Expect Out Of Legal Case Management Software

Law firm managers and partners will agree on the fact that they will do everything in their capacity to improve their range of services to their clients. At the same time, you will come across people who are not quite keen on investing in a Legal Case Management tool as they think that the return of investment does not match up to their expectations, especially when one considers the short term benefits. Though this kind of thinking may appear to be a sign of short-sightedness, there are several such instances.

Again, it would be a mistake to assume that a case management tool is a one-time deployment that can bring about a paradigm shift within a short span of time. It needs to be implemented in a proper way. It would end up creating a framework for the entire firm and help it to function as a consistent and cohesive unit. The tool can become an indispensable one for the firm’s staff, partners and associates and aid them in the accomplishment of their regular tasks. Here is a quick wrap-up of the long and short term benefits of using such software.

Long Term Benefits

Securing institutional knowledge and the assets of the firm Retaining the trusted clients and also developing a new base of clients steadily on grounds of providing excellent client services Prompting new employees to change gears and complete the task within the stipulated deadline Offering productivity metrics and firm management solutions

Short Term Benefits

Records billable time effectively Simplifies the process of conflict checking Provides access to all information concerning a particular case and also ensure proper communication from a central location using a single interface Making the intake process fully automatic Ensuring complete client satisfaction by offering substantive and time communications Saving on the time required for searching documents and every other bit of information To acquire all relevant information at a glance including information about witnesses, opposing counsel and judges along with the current status of the case Furnishing documents with key information automatically Creating alerts for the staff and attorneys whenever a new file is passed on to them Generating customised workflows for each and every practice area

There are several instances where you would find the adoption of such advanced technology generating short term results for your business. Even a couple of decades back, one could not imagine replacing the services of a seasoned typist for one who was just starting to learn keyboard commands required for word processing. But today you cannot deny the importance of using advanced technology for carrying out various tasks connected with case management. Legal case management software is thus no longer an alien concept in the legal field and is been taken up by solicitors across different parts of the world. However, the use of such software can begin only after you are clear about your requirements and the demands of your business.

Understanding Your Legal Team – More Than Just A Lawyer

Sooner or later, you are going to be introduced to the legal profession. This will usually require you to hire a lawyer. This is a surprising task for many people because they don’t realize that a legal team is much more than just a lawyer. In this article, we take a look at the usual members.

The legal team obviously starts out with the lawyer in question. This is the person you meet with when considering who you are going to hire. This person is known as the lead attorney if they are in a law firm or just -the lawyer- in a sole practitioner situation. A law firm has two or more attorneys while a sole practitioner is just one lawyer. Regardless, the lawyer acts more as a CEO of the legal team than you might realize. He or she will guide the team during the workup to trial, but other people will do most of the actual work. This is run of the mill in the legal profession, but often surprises clients.


The associate is a lawyer that does most of the actual work on a case leading up to trial. The associate tends to be younger and is gaining experience until they are ready to actually go to trial. The associate may issue requests to the other party, take depositions and attend basic mandatory court hearings. The associate will also often write letters updating you on the case. The lead attorney will read these to make sure the case is being handled they way he or she desires.


The paralegal is not an attorney, but is more of an assistant. The paralegal is charged with much of the grunt work. This means gathering and organizing documents. It also means speaking with you, the client, regarding any questions you have. A good paralegal is worth their weight in gold for a busy lawyer.


The secretary is the gatekeeper for the attorney. The secretary is a natural skeptic given all the sales calls that come in during the day. Being friendly with the secretary is a smart move. You are much more likely to get through the gate than be told the lawyer is in court or out at a deposition.

It is the rare lawyer that works alone on a case. The amount of grunt work is simply too excessive for it to be feasible. When dealing with your legal team or interviewing a perspective lawyer, make sure to know all the parties involved. It will make things run smoother.