Guidelines For Finding A Competent Criminal Lawyer

Criminal law is that branch of law, which deals with criminal cases. This law engages few rules and regulations and violation of the law means severe punishment. You need to avail help of a good lawyer in case you face any such punishments, and want to avert it.

Your attorney ought to be able to see-through all your doubts. If your lawyer is fully aware of your case, then he/she will be able to defend you in a much better way. Therefore, you should shortlist a few skilled criminal lawyers and then select amongst them. .

Here are a few tips to find a good Criminal Lawyer:

* Online search: You can research on the Internet for reputed lawyers in the US. The search will give you a list of attorneys and their contact numbers. You may also visit the websites of criminal lawyers for further information.

* Recommendations: You can request advice from your friends and relatives who have gone through similar situations. Thus, you may find trusted attorneys.

* Court visits: Visit the court and you may chance to meet lawyers with many years of successful records.

* References from the neighboring Bar Association: Most associations possess a list of names of attorneys by their specialties. If you want someone with a certain background, you can hire him/her. In case you have been charged for drunk driving, you must find a lawyer experienced in protecting DUI (Driving under Influence) suspects. Moreover, you need a law expert with considerable trial experience and may succeed if you choose a lawyer who is good at plea bargains.

* Background check: Ask questions before you choose a criminal defense attorney. Make sure he/she is certified and does not carry any malpractice records. You can also use the Internet for accessing the past records of these attorneys.

* Comparison shop: Talk to several lawyers. The first lawyer you meet need not be the best one for you. Fix appointments and meet the lawyers personally. Discuss the facts with the ones you meet, and you may be able to identify who can best help you in the situation.

* Comfort zone: Ensure that you are at ease to discuss your problems with the lawyer. Also, make sure that he/she is not overburdened. The attorney should have the required time to pay attention to you and the case.

To locate an experienced criminal lawyer – Camden (NJ) dwellers can visit the website The legal team of David K. Cuneo defends people charged with criminal offense in very professional ways!

Criminal lawyer Camden NJ – The legal team of Law Offices of David K. Cuneo defends people charged with criminal offense in very professional ways!

Outsourcing Legal Research

Large law firms and in house legal departments of large enterprises have enjoyed the benefits of outsourcing (quicker turnaround and lower costs) with success for quite some time in the United States.

On the other hand, small and midsize enterprises and law firms have just begun to outsource legal work to enjoy these benefits. This has become possible with a wider availability of technology at a lower cost, in addition to the arrival of a new breed of vendors who are addressing the unique requirements of small and midsized enterprises and law firms.

These vendors are providing services with better quality, by leveraging on technology and through deployment of experts in the work which is outsourced. Lawyers from India are increasingly familiar with US law and have several years of experience in doing legal work for US law firms and in house legal departments of large corporations. It has become possible to deploy experts these days due to aggregation of work from various clients, and the cascading higher volume of work.

The law firms and in house legal departments have enjoyed the benefits of a quicker turnaround time. The work left with the Indian entity at the end of their day is completed and available when they arrive at work the next day. These have become as important as the other core reason for outsourcing, namely saving of costs of law firms and enterprises have been able to save between 50 -60% of their cost by outsourcing legal services.

What work can be outsourced?

Any work that can be done without requiring fact to face interaction with clients or physical presence in a court of law can be outsourced. Some of the typical examples of work outsourced are in:

a)Contracts: Drafting, Review and management
b)Litigation Support : Discovery management, review, analysis and coding and Presentation
c)IP Rights: Search, Application for patents and defence
d)Legal and Business research

a)Contracts of Drafting, Review and Management

We prepare first-cut drafts of contracts that are fit for purpose and conform to your house style. You need to provide:
.Standard templates that conform to your house style and
.Unique variables relating to each contract

Your lawyers would still be in control over the quality of the draft and enforceability in courts of law without having to log expensive time in preparing the first cut draft.

We can handle a wide variety of contracts including contracts for:
.Sale of securities and derivatives
.Sale of goods or services
.Sale or mortgage of property
.Lease of property
.Lease of equipments
.Employment etc

We manage your contracts by maintaining a comprehensive database of all your contracts that provide:
.Contract information (Purpose, Period, Entities, Addresses, Counsel, Validity, Termination rights, Applicable law, Jurisdiction etc
.Summary of terms
.History of notices

We maintain a summary of all obligations and covenants (to facilitate compliance) and all rights (to enforce compliance)

b)Litigation Support

Our litigation support services include:
.Discovery management,
.Analysis and coding and

To help your lawyers focus on successfully winning or defending cases.

We help your lawyers to stay focused on winning the case by providing discovery management support.
Our services include:
.Understanding case issues and priorities
.Determination of collecting strategy
.Determination of work processes to speed up and yet not miss out on collecting documents
.Quick focus on most useful documents by continuous elimination of irrelevant items
.Quick analysis of documents for materiality, relevance, confidentiality and privilege; rapid automated
codification and validation
.Quick production of documents to facilitate rapid internalization and access

We can work with your proprietary document discovery management system or any standard off-the-shelf solution including ConcordanceFYI and CaseLogistix.

In spite of increasing popularity of e-discovery, physical paperwork has continued to stay. We help your lawyers by reviewing physical paper documents and codifying them for rapid prioritization and access.

We measure our success by reducing your attorneys document review time and cost. Not just by being more competitive than other providers in discovery process.

c)IP Rights

Our lawyers (supported by domain professionals) can support you in
.Prior Art Search,
.Assessment of patentability,
.Patent proofing,
.Invention disclosure evaluation and
.Drafting the application for patents.

We offer support in IP Asset management with review of potential or existing infringements and in litigations to protect against such infringements.

d)Legal and Business Research

We conduct research on industry standard private databases as well as public domain databases to provide research support to your team of lawyers to win/defend litigation or to provide counsel to clients on complex issues.
Our research support includes:
.Reviewing legislation
.Reviewing case law precedence
.Reviewing journals
.Reviewing contracts and
.Preparing summaries and abstracts.

Where to outsource?
Law firms and in house legal departments typically outsource legal work to someone who is willing to understand their requirements, and give quality service that they require.

TaurusQuest is one such company, which has acquired expertise in serving small and midsize enterprises better, and has been recognized for its operational excellence and delighting service. We were awarded 4th worldwide by the US based Black Book of Outsourcing for one of our services in 2007. We have a number of legal professionals who have experience in providing the services mentioned above to US and International law firms and to business enterprises. The senior executives of the company have lived and worked in the US.TaurusQuest has two delivery centers in Chennai, India with 300 seats.

Calgary Corporate Executive Involved In Prostitution Entertainment Scandal

We have often hear stories of high end corporate prostitution and have seen big corporate officials being involved in sex scandals, especially in movies and TV dramas, but is there any truth to this or it is just a fiction? This reporter reveals that high end prostitution very much alive and happening, but functions at a very high level of society, in a very sophisticated way, making it almost invisible to the general public – out of sight, out of mind. Most of these reputed top company executives that are clearly involved in high end prostitution never get caught because they are not only appear on the surface well-mannered and educated, they use prostitution as both an enticement and a blackmail device that removes any chance of word getting out. Huge charitable donations only serve to keep their seemingly good corporate reputations intact.

While researching different resources that focusing on corporate prostitution rackets, it was only through coincidence that some trending tweets came to light that had more than 15-16000 RTs and that was the right resource that helped push this story forward. While going through the many tweets and retweets by such a huge volume of ordinary citizens, it became clear this issue is of huge public concern. The path finally led to Calgary in Alberta, Canada. Prostitution is legal in Canada, but making use of public communication for the purpose of prostitution, brothels and procuring are offences under the law and that can have some serious consequences as well. More research and investigation it was clear that the tweets indicated a company in Calgary that entertains investors and corporate officials with hookers. An international funding company such as this, with company ties to the US and global suite of investors, prostitution would NOT be legal in many locations outside of Canada, which is where the story originates from.

This echoes previous prosecutions along the same line, where 17 people were indicted for running a high end prostitution ring in Brooklyn District that earns over $7 million from blue chip financial clients in just three years.

However, things went wrong with our Canadian story when one corporate executive created a bigger problem.

Upon further investigation, it became clear that one corporate executive from Calgary’s leading conventional oil and gas investment companies transmitted herpes to a couple of attendants who are now retaliating not through traditional legal resources (which would not be available to them engaging in illegal activities) but through a personal campaign against this individual.

HSV also known as herpes simplex virus is a chronic condition that is infected through vaginal, oral or anal sex.

It was revealed that the corporate executive that was involved in this case was from ARC Resource Ltd., whose parent company is ARC Financial.

Click here and contact the managing director of ARC Financial and let her know of your disgust.

The 5 Most Exciting Law Enforcement Jobs

There are hundreds of law enforcement jobs accessible, and whereas any job within the law enforcement field is certain to be fascinating, some jobs are a bit additional exciting (and nerve-wracking!) than others. Browse on for an inventory of the five most adrenaline-pumping law enforcement jobs available.

Special Weapons and Ways (SWAT) Officers

Special Weapons and Ways (SWAT) officers are highly trained police officers who handle extraordinarily high-risk operations that normal cops aren’t equipped to address. SWAT groups may be asked to provide assistance on drug raids, give extra security at high-profile events, conduct hostage rescue missions, and more. Due to the violent dangers they usually face on the duty, SWAT team members have special protecting gear and firearms, including armored cars and assault rifles. This law enforcement job is adrenaline-jolting and unpredictable. If you’re part of a SWAT team, you’ll never understand what to expect once you head to work.

CIA Clandestine Services Core Collectors

CIA Clandestine Services Core Collectors are the CIA agents who work abroad, collecting intelligence data from foreign sources so as to assist maintain US safety and security. These agents travel internationally and interact with a variety of folks in hopes of obtaining clandestine data that they can report back to CIA headquarters. The task involves travel, danger, and intrigue. For the most half, CIA agents are needed to keep their true identities and purpose hidden while on and off the job. Unlike most other law enforcement jobs, CIA agents have to stay what they do for a living a secret from almost everybody they know, including friends.

Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Special Agents

FBI special agents, like CIA agents, are responsible for investigating and maintaining US security. In contrast to internationally-serving CIA agents, however, FBI agents generally work on the national level. FBI agents are sometimes assigned to one specialty, which may embrace fields such as foreign counterintelligence, organized crime, cyber crime, and more. Irrespective of what their specialty, all agents should pass stringent government security clearance necessities, as most are aware about classified government information.

Transportation Security Administration (TSA) Federal Air Marshals

The TSA is that the US government organization responsible for keeping each side of US air transportation safe, from airports to airplanes. TSA Federal Air Marshals are on the front lines of this mission to keep US air travel free of terrorist threats. These armed law enforcement officers serve undercover in airports and on passenger flights to confirm the safety of air travel out and in of the United States. Working undercover, a federal air marshal must discretely monitor his surroundings for suspicious activity. Air marshals would like to know regarding everything from aviation medication to close-quarters self defense. They are conjointly held to higher standards of firearm accuracy than any other law enforcement jobs agency. Being a federal air marshal could be a high-pressure job which requires masses of your time traveling and constant alertness.

Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Agents

Law enforcement jobs with the DEA support the US government in its war against drugs. DEA special agents are primarily responsible for serving to to enforce the US Government’s drug and drug trafficking laws. The task of a DEA agent involves helping to analyze and prosecute drug traffickers. This often means that working undercover whereas investigating suspected traffickers and collecting intelligence info to assist convict those people who are breaking US drug laws. Like the opposite jobs profiled here, DEA agents typically interact with dangerous individuals and can be put in unpredictable situations.

The Effect of Misdemeanor Convictions on Legal Status

In case you are within the US on the visa, you should take care to adhere to the law. Any criminal charges against you can serve as grounds to revoke your visa and send you home.
Numerous visa holders believe this means they cannot commit any main crimes, like drug crimes or violating US immigration laws. But even getting convicted of small crimes, and in some instances misdemeanors, can result in deportation and stop you from returning for the US on any other sort of visa for many years.

Shoplifting is definitely an example of a “minor” crime that will bring about federal elimination proceedings. Some countries do not prosecute shoplifting crimes to the extent it is carried out while in the US, so visitors from other countries could be unaware of how potentially devastating shoplifting charges can be for their immigration

New Jersey Shoplifting Laws

Foreign citizens living in New Jersey on visas might incorrectly believe if they steal a thing, all they have to perform is give the merchandise back again and all will probably be forgiven. Unfortunately, most shop owners and other retailers don’t forgive shoplifting so simply and many will seek out to prosecute people that have taken goods from their stores.

Shoplifting will be the taking of an merchandise from a keep using the intent of not paying out for it. It also consists of switching or shifting cost tags on objects, taking a buying cart from a retailer, hiding or concealing merchandise on your individual or inside a bag, taking goods from a single container and putting them in yet another or under-ringing the value of products with the check-out register.

In New Jersey, shoplifting is charged as both a disorderly individual offense (misdemeanor) or an indictable offense (felony). Typically, a 1st time offender who violates the state’s shoplifting laws is essential to complete 10 days of local community service. Even so, the penalties for even a 1st offense can contain approximately six months in jail or longer, relying around the severity with the charges. Under state law, the retail value with the products stolen determines the severity (“gradation”) with the charges:

2nd degree: $75,000+
3rd degree: $500-$75,000
4th diploma: $200-$500
Second degree charges carry a sentence from 5-10 years in prison. Third degree charges carry 3-5 years in prison and 4th degree charges carry as much as 18 months in prison if convicted.

In addition towards the achievable jail time, neighborhood service, fines and also other charges, individuals residing inside the state on pupil visas, temporary employee visas or with one more immigrant status need to also be worried about the influence a shoplifting conviction can have on their immigration status.

Crimes of Moral Turpitude

One of the situations for holding a US-issued immigrant visa is following all US federal and state laws. When a visa holder fails to accomplish this, there may be severe consequences. Even charges as seemingly minor as shoplifting can trigger removal proceedings.

Under federal immigration laws, theft crimes are deemed crimes of moral turpitude. If a visa holder is convicted of the crime of moral turpitude, he or she might be deported through the nation. A crime of moral turpitude is one that shocks the public aware or is in contrast to community standards of justice, honesty and good morals.

Other examples of crimes of moral turpitude consist of:

Transporting or getting stolen goods
Voluntary manslaughter
To become a deportable offense, the visa holder does not have to be the 1 who really committed the crime. Conspiracy, attempt, aiding and abetting and/or accessory charges relevant to a crime of moral turpitude also can result in elimination in the nation.

In addition to mandatory deportation, commission of selected crimes also can lead to an alien not getting permitted to re-enter the US for 5-20 many years. Conviction for an aggravated felony, nonetheless, will permanently bar an alien from at any time returning for the United States once more, even on the visitor’s visa.

Theft and burglary crimes can be regarded as aggravated felonies under federal law if they need imprisonment for at the very least 5 many years. Under New Jersey law, 3rd degree and higher shoplifting charges might trigger necessary deportation.
Lastly, any crime, whether or not or not a crime of moral turpitude, that carries a minimal sentence of one yr in jail or prison also can consequence in mandatory deportation, even when the man or woman convicted of your crime receives a suspended sentence (i.e. isn’t going to need to really serve the time). This would contain 4th degree shoplifting charges and increased in New Jersey.

Permanent Residents

It really is not merely non-immigrant visa holders who need to be conscious of the effect of getting convicted of a crime on their immigration status. People that hold legitimate legal resident status (green card) may also encounter removal proceedings for violating federal and state laws. Permanent residents who’re convicted of an aggravated felony could be eliminated permanently from your country, no matter how lengthy they’ve resided inside the US or if they have family members dwelling here.

Legal residents who wish to grow to be naturalized US Citizenship Holders might come across their path temporarily or even permanently blocked if they do not have a clear document. In order to finish the naturalization procedure, immigrants need to have excellent moral character. Conviction for crimes of moral turpitude may temporarily prevent an immigrant from becoming a US citizen even though conviction for an aggravated felony will permanently bar a US citizenship application.


In the event you happen to be charged with shoplifting or yet another crime, it’s critical to make contact with an skilled criminal defense legal professional as soon as you possibly can. US immigration laws are extremely difficult and can be really unforgiving. You need to have an advocate who appreciates the seriousness of one’s circumstance and can assist you to maneuver through the complicated legal technique on your facet. You do not want to encounter these charges on your own.

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